Importance of choosing a JCI Accredited Hospital

Importance of choosing a JCI Accredited Hospital

Choosing a hospital for the best treatment comes with a lot of confusions these days. The main problem public face is the lack of a well-maintained and well-kept hospital services. The general idea is to go there to get better, not to come back bankrupt and more unhealthy. If we look at hospitals we have around us, how many of them can be considered clean or has well-maintained rooms for patients to stay in, a handful at most. Even then they will be very costly so that most of the middle-class and lower middle-class families would not go even near it. But there are hospitals that get all theses things right, minus the hefty treatment cost. They can be identified by their mark or a respective title that sets them apart from the competition called the JCI accreditation.

JCI (Joint Commission International), a non-profit organization that serves in more than a 100 countries which help the hospitals to improve their services and standards, JCI accreditation is to those hospitals which have quality treatment and equipment. The JCI gives this certificate for those hospitals which fulfills the regulations set by the commission.

To get accreditation, the hospital must follow must some basic rules and regulations. There are plenty of standards that should be followed to get accredited, but to start things off the institution must welcome a JCI survey.

The regulations hospitals must follow to get surveyed by JCI are given below:

The applicant hospital must have a medical school integrated to it administratively or organizationally.

The applicant hospital must be the center where the education of medical students and medical residents should take place.

Noncommercial and Academic Human research on must be conducted on patients.

Hospital authorities work hard to get accreditation from JCI by providing quality treatments to patients. It can take two years to get an accreditation for a hospital because the JCI authorities would verify the quality of the hospital and they will give feedback to the hospital, management if there is room for improvement. The JCI would also check the qualifications and experience of the doctors and staffs in that hospitals. The accreditation is also based on the cleanliness of the hospitals and for well-equipped labs. For the hospitals which tick all the correct boxes, they will be awarded the coveted JCI accreditation.

The features that set JCI certified hospitals from the rest are:

Academic Medical Center: The accredited must have a medical college integrated with the hospital.

Ambulatory Care Facility: The hospitals must provide high-quality treatment even if the patient is not within the vicinity of the hospitals. Strict rules must be followed when it comes to providing ambulatory services regarding, dental, surgical, dialysis, etc.

Long Term Care Facility: The hospitals must provide patients with high standard living areas when it comes to long-term care.

Medical Transport Organization: The hospital must have ample transportation services that address all community and patient related transport. This criterion also reflects in term of air and water transport amenities.

Primary Care Center: The hospital should stand as a beacon that promotes healthcare, disease prevention, and community integration.

As for an accredited hospital, the patients will be awarded benefits and would not lead them towards a trap that makes monetary benefit for the hospital. The JCI committee stands for the people, and the accredited hospitals will be kept at high standards by the committee itself. Have a visit at a JCI accredited hospital to know the difference.

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