Everything about Knee Replacement Surgery in India - Benefits, Costs, Types

Everything about Knee Replacement Surgery in India - Benefits, Costs, Types

A normal knee makes life seamless but unfortunately, everyone at every stage of life can’t enjoy this benefit. When you walk better, you feel better and that is reflected in your confidence for sure. Knees are the beautiful gifts from nature which loose the strength and functionality with age or due to accidents. Knee surgeries are the best pick for the damaged knees that can’t be cured through the medicines or exercises.

A damaged knee causes immense pain and its poor or no functionality causes depression. Say no more to all these melancholy! Science is going on creating the milestones and India is not at all lagging in the race. The knee replacement surgery or knee arthroplasty has become a walkover in India nowadays. Many leading-edge hospitals offer state-of-the-art knee replacement surgery at pretty reasonable prices and a huge spectrum of Indians have already leveraged this opportunity.

There are many myths related to a knee surgery. Some people find it a horrible invasive treatment that can throw them on the bed for several months while some folks believe that there are chances of failure or rejection of the ‘Alien Body’ inserted inside the knee to make it functional. Relax! The surgery is not that complex or painful. Knee replacement surgery has evolved surprisingly. Today, the top-rated hospitals have cutting-edge equipment for accomplishing the surgery. The doctors try to provide you optimum comfort and least amount of pain during the process. Everything is like a piece of cake nowadays.

Benefits of Knee Replacement Surgery

The knee replacement surgeries are successful in most of the cases. People experience a great relief with a functional knee. After the knee replacement surgery, you can notice the following benefits:

Total knee pain relief.

Mobility of knee to a great extent.

No trouble in doing the everyday tasks.

You can sit on floor or stand for long.

Types of Knee Replacement Surgeries

Apparently, there are different types of knee replacement surgeries based on how much damage is there or the condition of your knee. The primary types of knee replacement surgery are:

Partial knee replacement: The rise of science and technology has made the knee replacement business easier but one size doesn’t fit all. The surgery is provided based on the amount of knee damage. Basically, a human knee has 3 primary compartments between the bones and ligaments. In partial knee replacement surgery, only one or two compartments are operated and cured.

Total knee replacement: In case of total knee replacement surgery, all the three compartments are operated and replaced by the artificial knee compartments. In this process, the success rate is higher and the complexity is comparatively lower.

How Much Can a Knee Replacement Surgery in India Cost You?

The growth in the healthcare domain in India is visible and significant. Some of the reputed and top-rated hospitals in India are making buzz globally. There are plenty of competent hospitals in India in different regions for knee replacement surgery. Some of the best hospitals are:

Fortis Healthcare

Artemis Hospital

Medanta The Medicity

Columbia Asia Yeshwantpur

Wockhardt Hospital

There are many other trustworthy and resourceful hospitals in India offering the state-of-the-art knee replacement surgery at a reasonable cost.

The average cost of a knee replacement surgery is around 3,000 dollars to 9,000 dollars i.e. 2-6 lakhs INR. The surgery cost varies with the hospital and the treatments provided. Knee replacement surgery is not a one-time payment thing. There are lots of pre-surgery tests and post-surgery care and treatments included and everything may cost you around 3,000 dollars to 9,000 dollars i.e. 2-6 lakhs INR.

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