Gastric Bypass Surgery in India - Costs, Risks, Precautions

Gastric Bypass Surgery in India - Costs, Risks, Precautions

For all the people out there, leading an overly stressful life due to serious weight gain problems or obesity, this piece of writing is going to make you aware of a sensible medical solution to this issue. The alternative to every natural remedy is a medical surgery. Medical science has gained enough recognition in turning every impossible job into a possible one. If you are genuinely tired of continuous exercise, dieting and medications and you are still unsatisfied with the results. This particular surgery can be the answer to all your hard work- GASTRIC BYPASS SURGERY.

Gastric surgery is a medical operation that changes the food handling capacity of your stomach and small intestines. In this surgical procedure, the stomach is divided into the small upper pouch and comparatively larger lower pouch which is then arranged respectively to be connected to the small intestine. The aim of performing the surgery is reducing the size of the stomach and manipulating the food path by not allowing food to go into some parts of the stomach and small intestine that absorb food. The operation ensures low-calorie absorption from the food you eat.

Why Is The Procedure Performed?

The procedure is advisable to those who are suffering from obesity or can't lose weight even after vigorous dieting and exercise. To be precise, this surgery is advisable only in extreme cases and under proper supervision of the concerned doctor. The person undergoing surgery should be mentally prepared to become accustomed to a new lifestyle. After the surgery, the patient is required to eat healthy foods, control portion sizes of what you eat, and exercise, failing to which may lead to complications from the surgery and poor weight loss.


Gastric bypass surgery involves some risk factors which make it more important to be discussed with a doctor before putting yourself under the knife.

Risks involving gastric bypass include symptoms such gastritis or stomach ulcers. It also damages the intestines, stomach to a certain extent during surgery. Improper surgery can cause leakage from stapled or attached body lines. Also, the nutrition demand increases. Belly may get scarred that could lead to a blockage in your bowel in the future. Occasional vomiting may occur.

Pre-Surgery Precautions:

Before the procedure happens, the concerned doctor asks you to have some tests and visit different healthcare providers. These include:

A complete physical exam which consists of blood tests, ultrasound of gallbladder, and other tests to check you are healthy enough for surgery.

Visits with your doctor to make sure of other medical problems you may have

Nutritional counseling.

Training to help you learn what happens during the surgery, what you should expect afterward, and what risks or problems may occur afterward.

Smoking is strictly prohibited several weeks before the surgery, and it is also recommended to avoid smoking after surgery because it slows recovery and increases the risks for problems.

Post-Surgery Precautions:

Post-surgery the patient may be kept in the hospital for 1-4 days.

You will be able to walk a little on the same day you have surgery.

Maybe a (tube) catheter passing through your nose into your stomach is used for 1 or 2 days. This tube helps to expel fluids from your intestine.

You may also have a catheter in the bladder to expel urine.

You will not be given food for few days. After that, you will drink liquids and then pureed or soft foods.

A tube may be connected to you at the larger part of your stomach that was bypassed. The catheter will be taken out from the side and will drain fluids.

Wearing special stockings on your legs to prevent blood clots from forming.

You will receive blood clots preventing shots.

You will take pain-relieving pills through an IV, a catheter that goes into your vein.


Gastric Bypass Surgery in India at reputed medical facilities starts from 6,000 dollars i.e. 3.8 lakhs INR.

Alternative Names:

It is also known as Bariatric surgery - gastric bypass. There are many other different names for the same procedure. In some places, it is called Gastric bypass - Roux-en-Y while others call it Roux-en-Y gastric bypass. As it reduces weight, it is also known as Weight-loss surgery - gastric bypass, and as a consequence, it is also called Obesity surgery - gastric bypass.

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