Cosmetic Dentistry in India - The Smile Makeover

Cosmetic Dentistry in India - The Smile Makeover

Are you looking to improve your smile? Then cosmetic dentistry is for you. It is the necessary dental corrections to improve the appearance of your teeth, gum, and bite, giving your smile a makeover. A smile makeover involves various dental procedures. India is the right place to be for high-quality cosmetic dentistry services at an affordable price. Specialty clinics in India have the advanced facilities and some of the best dental surgeons in the world. They have training from the best dental schools around the world. Friendly and efficient support staffs and nurses are the bonus.

Smile Makeover in India

India is becoming the go to destination for smile makeover among the citizens of the developed nations including the United States, Australia, European Countries and New Zealand. They are getting the perfect smile at the cost of a restaurant visit. The low cost of veneers in India is one reason you can have an affordable smile makeover. Veneers are wafer thin ceramic shells to be placed at the tooth front to offer improved cosmetic appearances. They are carefully designed to match the patient’s teeth color.

Types of Cosmetic Dentistry

Teeth Whitening



Different Services Offered in India

Cleaning and Polishing: Cleaning of teeth with advanced ultrasonic cleaning system using sterile water. Guidance of oral health and hygiene, as well as proper technique, is provided.

Teeth Whitening: Whitening of your teeth is done using special bleaching medicines to be applied at night to keep your daily activities of mouth unaffected.

The Design of Smiles: If issues such as discolored teeth, ugly long teeth, missing teeth, proclined teeth, teeth spacing, big wide teeth are hampering you to smile freely. Do not worry; in India, specialists are there to make you smile to your heart's content. You can redesign your smile as per your choice. Select from a range of options for teeth color, shape and spacing to give your smile a complete makeover.


India presents several key advantages as a destination for cosmetic dentistry including low cost, and easy access to the most advanced dental technologies. India also offers improved compliances according to with international quality standards. Additionally, foreigners face fewer problems of the language barrier in India. Cost-effectiveness, however, remains the most appealing factor. Professionalism, care, and proficiency are the key attributes of cosmetic dentistry in India. The whole cosmetic dentistry procedure only takes around 2 to 3 weeks in India. Any added examinations, operations, postoperative problems, and care are also possible in India. You can overall experience a stress free, comfortable stay and smile makeover in India.

Costs of Smile Makeover in India

The most pleasing feature of smile makeover in India that will make you smile even sweeter is its cost. The resin veneers cost less in India, only 11,700 INR for each tooth (around 195 USD). Teeth whitening costs only 12,000 INR (around 200 USD) that too with the modern laser technology. Gum problems which are equally important to address can also be taken care of by spending around 5,000 INR (about 80 USD). Dental bonding to adjust the bigger gap between teeth can be done at 1,500 INR (25 USD) a tooth as the damage.

What are you waiting for folks? Come and have a smile makeover in India. Mesmerize others with your lovely smile.

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