How Clear Braces will Improve your Smile?

How Clear Braces will Improve your Smile?

Someone has rightly said, “Smile and the world smiles back”. But the author of this lovely quote wasn’t really aware of the discomfort some people face while smiling, all because of dental issues such as misaligned teeth and an overbite. Most of such cases are treated during the growing years of the patient.

I once had a colleague named Norah, who was very pretty and intelligent. She was one of the top performers in our office but she hardly spoke and seldom smiled. Some people deemed her as rude when she didn’t return someone’s smile. As she sat next to me I developed a bond with her and realised she was one of the warmest persons I had ever known. But the reason that prevented her from smiling was her misaligned teeth. She spoke at length about it to me and that made me realise that this wasn’t a petty issue but something that distracted her normal life. She was under-confident, hesitated to talk to people and most of all, smile or laugh in public. She always felt that, like her school days; people will still make fun of her. Due to reasons unknown to her, she wasn’t being treated during her growing years and having dental braces at this age was clearly a nightmare for her.

Coincidently, I came across an article on clear braces and how it is a perfect solution for grown-ups. I was blown away by how they have helped a large number of adults deal with their dental issues. When I spoke to Norah about it, she still didn’t look convinced. I knew I had to dig more into this and find out all the information required, to convince Norah.

After a lot of research, I found out a great deal of information as follows -

Clear braces are a cosmetic innovation to metal braces. As the name suggests, clear braces are less noticeable and are a great option for people who want a solution to their orthodontic issue without letting people know about it. They match the colour of your teeth thus making them extremely difficult to notice. Hence, Clear Braces sounded like an answer to Norah’s predicament.

But what are the benefits of clear braces? Isthe process taxing? Is it expensive? And how long does it take?

Benefits of Clear Braces

Clear braces win hands down against metal braces. A number of adult patients can pursue dental care with the help of such braces as it offers many benefits. Without the stigma of a metal mouth, adults can now improve their appearance and gain their confidence to smile and face the world back.

Not just to enhance one’s appearance but having straighter teeth is healthier and helps a great deal in maintaining oral hygiene. Misaligned teeth are prone to bacteria, plaque acids and dental decay, whereas aligned teeth prevent such dental ailments as they are easier to clean and floss. Hence, teeth straightening leads to a healthy body.

Time for implementation

The process of getting clear braces begins with a consultation with an orthodontist. After a detailed investigation, the orthodontist takes impressions of your teeth. The impressions along and prescription by your orthodontist is then forwarded to the laboratory to create the orthodontic braces. The brackets are customised to perfectly fit your teeth.

After the making of the braces come the bonding process, in which your customised clear braces are placed on your teeth. The process might take a couple of hours, and varies from patient to patient. Normally, clear braces are required to be worn for 12-18 months but that also varies from patient to patient. And once the bonding process is done, all you have to do is follow the home care instructions given by your orthodontist. Special care for the braces is ensured by using orthodontic retainers. The teeth retainer helps in keeping your straight teeth at its desired place, thus avoiding your teeth to shift back to its normal position.

Cost of implementation

Clear braces may cost you a few extra bucks but they are totally worth it. However, the braces cost varies from city to city. The price of the clear braces made from ceramic range from INR 30,000 to INR 55,000. The lingual or incognito braces will cost you between INR 72,000 to INR 1,90,000. The teeth braces cost depends on your current teeth alignment and affordable braces are also available in the market.

Finally, my research didn’t go in vain and Norah agreed to go ahead with the implementation. Today, when I see her, she is all smiles and confident. I hope this advanced technology in dentistry will help many like Norah get their confidence back and face the world with a smile

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