Role of a Medical Tourism Company or Facilitator

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We have all been tourists - domestically, internationally - and enjoyed ourselves. Even then, organising an international tour comes with its own set of challenges, in terms of visa, food, stay, to name a few.

So then, imagine how difficult it must be to be a ‘medical tourist’ in a foreign country.

As a medical tourist you have to be well aware of the things involved in medical tourism, like, is the hospital where you are getting your treatment done internationally accredited? Is your doctor qualified enough?

No matter how much you research by yourself before going to another country, you’re still a novice in that country. Thus, a good medical tourism company or facilitator knows & understands these worries of a medical tourist and provides all the services to make their journey trouble-free.

While there are many benefits of a medical tourism company or facilitator, here are the services you can expect from a good medical tourism company or facilitator:

The most important part is to seamlessly manage the medical journey of a patient from the first communication till the return journey to the home country.

They should have a vast range of medical providers, should exactly know which are the best medical facilities for the procedure patient has to undergo, he / she can educate the patient completely about their medical journey & knows complications associated with medical tourism.

They should be able to make the communication process seamless, even though the patient might belong from different language, culture or time zone.

They should be able to inform & assist you about the necessary documents and steps involved in applying for medical visa in the destination country.

They should pre-consult current reports, illness, etc. with the doctors in the medical destination & securely share confidential files with the required doctor – eg. MRI’s, X-Rays, CT scans, doctor’s diagnosis, etc. with the medical expertise in the destination country.

They should have great relationships with the patient, medical tourism providers (medical facilities), logistics / travel arrangement supporters & all necessary parties involved.

They should be able to quickly guide the patient’s case through evaluation, quotation, scheduling & planning.

They should be like a lawyer in a court representing you, meaning they should negotiate on your behalf with the medical provider, take steps to minimize unexpected expenses & help with your budgeting.

They should be able to plan and execute any changes if any situation arises.

They should have large number of satisfied patients that can serve as references.

They are also responsible for pre-arranging & maintaining all the necessary documentation required so that there are no delays in the treatments. This will help a lot when the patient has international insurance & may not be aware about the formalities required by the provider & the insurance company.

If you need any assistance in selecting the right medical tourism company or facilitator, do let us know and we’ll be happy to help :)

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