How smoking can help you leave the planet early

How smoking can help you leave the planet early

I can't, I have tried, I don't want to do it, are some of the common answers we get when arguing with a smoker to change their habit. Then how should we make them stop smoking? Is it increasingly onerous to change their habits? The answer to these questions is whether a person really wants to change. They might be quibbling with you to win the debate. But the odds are clear, a person can break free from their habits if they really want to and won't change by any promises or by force. They should feel from within and should have a firm mindset that yes, they want to try really hard and get a way out of this crap.

Even before taking the first puff a person knows that this is a harmful stuff that I am consuming. Though they fall into the trap of being "cool" and being "stress-free". The reason might be peer-pressure, they have seen their parents, close relative or their loved one smoke. And they can't stop that urge of smoking and trying something new. Eventually, it becomes a habit without their concern.

Why smoking is so addictive?

Though cigarette smoke contains 7000 chemicals out of which there are around 69 chemicals which can cause cancer, known as "carcinogens". Cigarette provides nicotine to our body which causes a temporary and addictive high. As a result of "feel good" effect cause to our brain by nicotine, smoking becomes a habit and a good friend when dealing with stress, depression, anxiety. Although there are healthier ways to cope up those feelings.

Apart from the feel-good effect we also get the addiction from our colleagues and friends we spend our majority time with. There is a term at -corporates which says "Smoke Break", so why can't there be an "Apple Break". Due to such an impression on our brain, we are forced to try smoking. Gradually, smoking becomes a ritual and an integral part of our life. Smoking with morning tea/coffee, smoke break, smoking while commuting, stress-free smoke, hectic day smoke etc.

How to quit smoking?

Now the question arises if smoking has so many ill effects how to quit smoking. Many of them go cold turkey and try nicotine gums get the results. But it's not the case for a majority of the smoker. They need to have a mindset and an urge to get rid of the smoking habit. In the initial step, they can change the pain and pleasure points. They can relate smoking to pain and quitting it with pleasure. Although it not so easy as they have related smoking with pleasure.

Quitting smoking is not just giving up something it's about changing your health and your chance to keep many health problems away. Smoking cessation can be achieved gradually by reducing the number of cigarette per day and starting to exercise. Exercise will create an urge to keep your body fit and healthy and can be replaced by the urge of nicotine. Choosing a correct path and walking on it without distraction is the key factor in achieving success.

Benefits of quitting smoking?

Quitting smoking is not only about changing your one habit. But it also improves your mental and physical health. You breathing is improved. Running a mile and not breathing heavily, getting a sleep without wheezing and mornings without coughing will trigger one of the best feelings after you quit smoke. Apart from your own health, you will also improve the health of people near you. Because passive smoking is equally dangerous and it will deteriorate their health.

Just to conclude this article we are not showing any proven way of quitting smoking. But we are just trying to push a person so that they can give it a try. There are more then 1001 ways if you really want to achieve results and you don't give up. Before smoking really helps you leave the planet early leaving behind all your dreams and loved ones. We believe you should give up on bad habits and start adopting the better ones. As we firmly believe that nothing is impossible if you work hard on it. And its always better to Try before you Die.

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