Diet After Coronary Heart Bypass Surgery

Diet After Coronary Heart Bypass Surgery Image Credits: Freepik

Lub-dub lub-dub lub-dub lub-dub lub-dub, this sound means that the working of your heart gets a thumbs up and it’s working perfectly alright. But this rhythm gets slightly disturbed when there is a blockage in the artery carrying blood to your blood pumper. Although there is no real cure for this problem due to progress in technology, Coronary Bypass Heart Surgery is a solution if trapped by this disease, where the blocked artery is replaced with a strand of healthy blood vessel from some other part of the body. It doesn’t really affect your routine life except for a month. As mentioned above, there is no permanent remedy but keeping yo body healthy and less vulnerable to the risks of getting the disease is essential.

It is famously and correctly said that “Prevention is better than cure.”

Preventive tips provided by American Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS)

Quit smoking as it damages the lungs and increases the risk of artery blockage.

Sedentary or inactive lifestyle and lack of exercise are another reason that gives rise to the risk of this illness. Including light yoga, simple exercises in daily routine help reduce the fat level and improve blood circulation to the heart and other body parts.

Obesity and excessive weight are also fatal for the health of the heart. Avoid it by consuming low calorie and fat-free food which is rich in minerals, vitamins, proteins, and antioxidants. Antioxidants comprise of fresh fruits, green vegetables, and sprouted seeds. Also, avoid salt in case of high blood pressure and sweets if diabetic.

The high-fat level in blood is also risky which can be taken care of by a balanced diet and regular exercise which keeps the cholesterol under control.

Keeping the Diabetes in check is vital to avoid coronary heart disease.

Hypertension should be avoided for a healthy heart.

Stress is another risk factor that can cause the harm. Control it by changing the unhealthy lifestyle. Exercising and meditating also helps.

Diet after Heart Surgery

Must include lots of fruits and vegetables in the diet which will not only help to stay away from the heart diseases but shall make the body ready to fight any other illness as well.

Consumption of salt and sugar should be decreased which will keep the body weight in check. Meal portion must be reduced for the sake of heart’s health. Diet after heart surgery should be controlled as per your doctor’s guidelines.

Alcohol consumption must be kept to the absolute minimum after the surgery. If you use alcohol, there is a chance that if pain or any kind of abnormalities occurs, it can go unnoticed.

Keep hydrated. Do not deprive yourself of water as water helps really well in the rejuvenation process. Always drink clean boiled water, at least 3 liters per day.

Increase the intake of carbohydrates and fiber as it is good for digestion. Also, keep the food with high fat and cholesterol content away from daily meals. Don’t consume fried food instead bake, boil or steam it.

Stay away from high protein diet, especially red meat which according to a study of Indiana University consists of heme iron which is found in this kind of meat that increases the risk of heart disease by 57%. Give preference to skimmed milk instead of whole milk and chose chicken or fish over steak.

After effects of the surgery

Poor appetite


Caloric restriction

Fatigue and problem in sleeping

Mood swings

According to a survey conducted by Curofy, a doctor’s app, unhealthy food habits are the culprit, leading to our population to an epidemic of heart failure [1].

So what we can deduce here is that to keep your heart and life happily working one needs to maintain a healthy lifestyle which can be achieved only through balanced diet, avoiding bad consumption habits. Exercising on a regular basis is a must.


1. Sedentary lifestyle leading cause for heart disease in India

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